Thursday, April 10, 2014

WARNING: Know The Expiry Date Of Your Car Tyres -- Avoid Buying It

Several people today use cars but don’t know much about the cars they use, this includes the expiration date of their car tyres which tends to put their life at risk.

Today am sharing more insights on how to know your car tyres expiry date, but before you proceed reading this piece of information you can watch the video of the accident caused as a result of burst tyres on a highway.

To start with, vehicle tires have a maximum of 4-year validity period from the Date of Manufacture (DOM). Thereafter, the tyre expires and may burst while on motion whilst may cause fatal accident.

If a car tyre is used carefully, after two years the tyre loses about 20% of it's qualities and when it reaches the 3rd year the tyre loses about 50%. An appropriate age for tire replacement is thus between the age of 2-4years, unless worn down earlier by damage, alignment problems or mileage. The process can also be intensified with high-mileage tires.

But why would new tyres burst within weeks of their purchase? We found that it could be that they had exceeded their life span. Tyres have between two to four years shelf life from the DOM. That means that people could buy new tyres that have expired and face the same risk as if they were using second-hand tyres.

Reason for this is that when unused tyres are stored in bad conditions, or when a car is parked permanently for a long time. Likewise, countries with shifty weather, bad roads and especially hot and moist lands all rush the process.

Usually, tyres expiration dates are indicated on the tyre. They come in four digits indicating the week and year of manufacture like this *0510* or sometimes it comes with pre-alphabet letters like this (*PHN5010*). The first two of the four-digit numbers found on a round-ended box shows the week the tyre was made while the last two of the four digits represent the year. So, if the numbers are *0510* it means that the tyre was made in fifth week of the year 2010; that is first week of February.

WARNING: Any car, bike, truck etc tyre higher than 4years from the date of manufacture is at a high risk therefore don’t buy or you change it, If you are already using it.

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