Monday, May 13, 2013

Very Clean Nigeria Use 2004 Toyota Camry For Sale in Lagos (Big Daddy)

Camry '04 front view
Unbeatable Offer from Naija Modern Cars. Trust us to always give you best of cars both Nigeria use and tokunbo.

Very Clean Non-Accidental Nigeria Use Toyota Camry (Big daddy) 2004Model. This is an extremely clean Toyota Camry For sale In Lagos; it is in a very good working condition without any fault.


- None as car is in great condition.


- Automatic transmission
- Factory Fabric seats
- Power windows
- Alloy-wheels
- Factory fitted A/C
- Power doors
- Manual adjustable seats
- Power mirrors
- 4-Cylinder Engine
- 1st body car

MILEAGE: Low Mileage

PRICE:  N870 000

If interested, kindly call 07035557671, 08091835664 for inspection and test drive


camry '04 side view

NOTE: Buy a quality car that will serve you for the purpose you bought it for and not a car you will end up serving.


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  1. Impressive car!. I’m extremely inspired together with your writing abilities as smartly as with the layout for your blog. Anyway, I'm looking for the great gift to my husband and I think this is the right gift for him. I'm truly sure he will really like this car. Thank you this.

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  2. Nice post . I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .

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  4. Lol! I like your conclusion. Cool car but It would have been better if it had leather seats.

  5. Never be Deceived by the mileage or how neat a vehicle may look. Always run a VIN check before any purchase even if you buying from Lagos or the US/Canada or cotonou. You will save yourself a lot of trouble.

    High Mileage
    Most request we get for the purchase of vehicle be it ' on ground in Lagos' or 'purchase from the US/Canada' we find out that most clients want vehicles with low mileage or mileages around 30k-50k+ miles. Now this is ok to want sometime really low just in case you looking to re-sale after a period of usage. But certain things should be taken into consideration when requesting for a vehicle with low mileage. It should be noted that in the US/Canada, mileage is one of the factors that determine 'price tag'- the lower the mileage the higher the price and vice versa. We have noticed that people make request for low mileage on vehicles that are over 5years old. Please note, it is possible to buy such vehicles but the real question lies in 'can you part with the requested amount or price'?.

    When considering low mileage vehicle, please put this into consideration:

    1. In the US/Canada, the average miles per year is 15,000miles. So for a 6year old ride, the most likely mileage it should be having is 6x15,000 which is 75,000miles.

    2. Most miles in the US/Canada are HIGHWAY MILES, meaning the owner had to cover a distance to and fro to get to his home. They are not mileage acquired by just driving the vehicle on a daily basis.

    3. In the US/Canada, its a criminal offense to reduce the mileage of your vehicle without giving full disclosure. In Nigeria and environs, mileage are reduced always, thats why it is important to run a VIN check to ascertain that what you are paying for is what you getting.

    Odometer Rollback:

    In the US/Canada, one of the primary factors that determine a car's value is the mileage or odometer reading. The lower the mileage, the higher the value. Considering it's importance, it is therefore a serious offense in the US/Canada to roll back the odometer.
    But in Nigeria, that does not seem to be the case. Unscrupulous car dealers sometimes roll back odometers to give the impression that the cars they are selling are better than they really are. I once saw a car that was advertised for sale in Lagos with a 63,000 mile odometer reading. I became suspicious because the car was a 2001 model. When I checked the VIN on the internet, the odometer turned out to be 163,000 miles (yes, a rollback of 100,000 miles).

  6. how can the vin number be checked on the internet