Thursday, April 18, 2013

Information that you must keep in mind before going to buy that used car.

Buying a used car: be it Nigeria Used or Tokunbo (direct belgium, canada, USA, UK, or even Cotonue....etc) can be a fairly overwhelming experience.

There are huge number of  things that need to be inspected carefully and there is always a possibility of missing out something or the other. But with

proper homework and carefully
examining the car, you would definitely avoid getting ripped off your hard earned money. There is always the added advantage of the low price and low depreciation on the value of the car.

We look upon some vital info that you ought to have at the back of your mind before purchasing a used car.

1. The Research/Budget

If you do not have a particular car model which you want to buy (Your wish car), then you would need to take your time and do some vital research work. Set a budget (I mean your pocket: the amount you can afford to buy the car) and search some car models that can just be sold for that price range. Make a thorough reviews for those car models, consult your friends, family or a professional mechanic (and not just a roadside/quack one) and narrow down your list.

After you've reached a conclusion and decided on a single model, try to know an estimated of its price from different dealers.

2. Initial Inspection

It is advisable to carry
out any inspection in during the day time to confirm if there's any tiny defect. Checking the bodywork for scratches, dents and other defects is pretty much the standard procedure(Check if its an accidental car or not).

Carefully inspect the trunk, dashboard, music system, upholstery, seats,  switches, gear transmission, air-conditioning and other general aspects of the car. Check the count on the odometer and cross check it with the year of manufacture of the car.

3. Engine

The most critical part of any car model is the engine, an engine in good condition would run smooth without much noise and would not give out black or blue smoke.

It is best if you get it checked by a professional mechanic.

4. Inspecting the Hood (further inspection)

Check for signs of dent, damage or rust under the hood. Don't forget to check if there's any crack on the belts and hoses. In-case the battery area shows any sign of wear and tear, it indicate poor maintenance.

Lift the oil filler cap and check for any white foamy

residue, which would indicate a
leaking head gasket.

5. Test Drive And Documents

Make sure to test drive on a variety of road conditions to get the overall feel of what the car is. Before starting the car, check if the steering wheel turns from one end to the other smoothly without any unusual sound. After ignition, attentively listen for any noise the engine might be making. Check the brakes by pressing hard on them you should not detect weird noises or vibration from the pedal and neither should the car swerve when you step on the brake at a low speed of 40 km/hr.. Swerving would indicate bad brake calliper or worn-out steering components.

Ensure that all the documents like certificate of registration (RC), insurance etc. are authentic, up-to-date and in proper order. Check the service record of the car to ensure that it has been maintained properly in the past. Also check if the engine no. and chassis no. correspond with the

number mentioned on the RC. Do not forget to check the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) to know the history of the car; if it has any history of theft, accidental etc.

6. Payment

Used cars are usually sold at a lower price, but it depends on why the owner of the car is selling it, option of the car (e.g Toyota Camry options are LE, CE, SE, XLE), Condition of the car, year of usage, etc. *Negotiation is always allowed*. Get proper receipts for any kind of payment you made to the seller. Be sure that all your queries, concerns are met and no doubts before actually making the decision of making payment for the car. Cars are essentially durable and would last you a long time if you maintained it and manage to get your hands on the right one.




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    1. Yeah Bernard, I too have found this post very informative. People generally overlook other cars when they have a brand in their mind and in the context of buying that (wish car) car they loose great deals on other cars. People should think that when you are buying a used car it is not always possible to get your wish car in dealer's stock.

  2. Great blog Ade. I have always been a huge car fan and have always believed there should be cheaper ways of getting quality cars here in Nigeria. Your info is quite priceless, I'll definitely bookmark your blog.

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  5. Mr Yinka tanx for d educative info,pls is there a way u can b contacted directly via mail or mobile in case I want to book for a car against 1month.

    1. Mr. D1, Im sorry for the delay in response, just been so busy for some time now... yeah this is my contact and my e-mail is

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