Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pre-Order Your Choice Of Vehicle From USA, Canada & Europe At A Cheaper Price

We are 100% Auto Dealers with agents that has Showrooms in Philadelphia Pennsylvania-USA, Ontario-Canada, & Lagos Nigeria, We have been into Auto business for a while and as Part of our effort to make clean cars affordable to Nigerians, Due
to popular demands We have decided to Officially launch our Pre-Order Process to our fellow Brethren in Nigeria.

Its a "do it yourself" initiative from the Stable of Inspired Auto Vendor.

You save hundreds of thousands when we Inspire your Pre Ordered Vehicles.

You search your car online from
numerous car websites located in
the US, send the website link to
us via email, Our Agents located
in Various States in the US makes the checks to verify the
authenticity and we take it from

We are on the 'A' class of our Shipping Company in New Jersey hence 45 days Maximum Estimated Date of Arrival to Lagos Nigeria Ports is Guaranteed.

Tell Us your Specifications, We search for your car, Forward you
10 - 20 photos with Full details & VIN of the Car, You pay 40% of
total cost, a Legal Agreement is tied, Your car arrives in 45 days maximum, You pay balance after Physical Inspection.

You are assured of saving a minimum of 300,000 Naira compared to purchases made from our other greedy dealers

We are Auto Vendors with most
Nigerian banks and 2 Leasing firms in Lagos, Nigeria.

Please, buy with 100%.confidence because we are selling with 100% confidence.

For Further Inquiries Feel Free To CONTACT US.

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