Monday, April 18, 2011


Our Aim is to give our customers the best quality of services, therefore, if you have any vehicle(s) that you want us to market for you, then the vehicle(s) must meet up with our requirements.

If it doesn't meet up with the requirements we are sorry that we won't market it, because we wouldn't want anything that will tarnish our image.

Though, our requirements are very simple which any car in good condition should meet up with.


- The vehicle must be accident free.
- Engine must be in a good condition.
- Car must be available for our trained mechanic to inspect it thoroughly.
- The car must be in perfect working condition without any issues and in-case there is any issue with the car you must state it, so that anybody who is buying it will know what to fix after buying it.
- Car must be available in our office within 9a.m to 7p.m daily for potential buyer to inspect and in the case where the owner still drives it around, he will give a specific address and time when inspection will be done.
- All documents of the vehicle must be complete and up-to-date.

The above are the necessary things that must be met, if you want us to market your car for you.

We are 100% transparency, credibility and genuine. If you are dealing with us just know you dealing with right organisation.